The origings of the company located in the territory of Rovereto di Gavi, on the Piedmontese offshoots of the Apennines are very ancient: as early as 900 AD.

In the annals of the Republic of Genoa there is talk of a Benedictine settlement on the hills overlooking the Lemme river.

The "Grangia Bassignana" is mentioned in a document of 1250 as an agricultural farm of the Abbey of Rivalta Scrivia producing wheat, but above all wine. The watchtower and defense tower, the chapel and various rooms with vaults and capitals remain of this settlement.

In 1625 it passed to the Giustiniani's family, a member of which, commander of the Genoese militias, victoriously defended the Fort of Gavi, then an important strategic commercial and military hub, from one of the many French sieges.

It was precisely the Giustiniani family who at that time had the Villa built which in the neoclassical style still today dominates the access to the estate from the top of the hill, which since then took the name of Giustiniana.

The beauty of the places, from the landscape to the nature, the vocation of the land to produce splendid wines, led the most important Genoese families, D'Oria, Spinola, Cambiaso, over the years to dispute the ownership of Giustiniana.