The farm covers 110 hectares of which 40 are planted with highly specialized vineyards.

All the vineyards are planted with perfect exposure to midday at an altitude that varies between 300 and 500 meters and at a latitude of 44° 41' (the same as the famous French Graves).

Attentive and scrupulous care is dedicated to them in cultivation: new forms of farming have been tested, synthesizing the millenary traditions of Piedmontese viticulture with modern planting materials and new technologies aimed at the necessary mechanization of the work, but above all to obtain the best maturation. of the grapes in the belief that a quality wine must first of all be born in the vineyard.

Thorough chemical-physical analyzes of the soils and of the grapes obtained from them convinced Giustiniana, the first in Gavi, to vinify two well-known crus separately:

The Gavi D.O.C.G. from the municipality of Gavi Lugarara vineyard, produced on Pliocene gray marls dominated by vegetal soil of old origin, and by a fraction of dissolved and ferrettized sandbanks, it has characteristics of a particularly dry white Gavi wine, acidulous with an almond aftertaste;

The Gavi D.O.C.G. from the municipality of Gavi Montessora vineyard, produced on a land with a particular dark red color, covered by Pleistocene floods with a base of altered gravels interspersed with clays, it is a wine rich in aromas and nuances, soft and dry at the same time.